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High End Quality P10 320*160mm Mono Color LED Module


The LED Mono Color Signs become more and more popular,we can see them installed beside the street anywhere.So there is a huge need of P10 Mono Color LED Module,and the competitive becomes stronger and stronger. Lower and lower cost produce appeared in the market bring big qality problem and make a higher maintenance cost for wholesalers.
LEDSolution's High End Quality P10 320*160mm Mono Color LED Module can make you walk out from the trouble.
High End Quality P10 320*160mm Mono Color LED Module Feature:
   1. State of art light emitting diode (same quality as LEDSolution's full color display);
   2. Drive IC:MBI5024 (option MBI5020);
   3. Brightness,Red/Yellow: 2500+nit;Green/White:4000+nit;
   4. Full automatic PCB assembly;


If you are interested in this product,please contact your account manager from LEDSOLUTION.
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