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Sport Perimeter LED Display


Sport Perimeter LED Display is new media for sport advertising.It becomes more and more popular in the world.Market research indicateds that the TV audiences are four times as likely to remember a brand name when they saw on a digital sport perimeter.


LEDSOLUTION developed this perimeter led display due to the request from our partners years ago.The marketing feedbacks were really very good.The owns of the stadium feedback to us they like the LED Sport Perimeter Display so much,as the perimeter led display made their stadium to be more attractive international standard stadium,and there is a high return on the investment.


LEDSOLUTION's Sport Perimeter LED Display is light weight only 36kg/cabinet,cabinet size as 1.28mx0.8m,aluminum material.The depth of the cabinet only 136mm.



If you are interested in this product,please feel free to contact us.
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